Training Programs Adults & Children

As a part of our adult program, we teach classes five days a week at Palm Beach Sports Clubs located in the SHOPPES OF JUPITER, corner of INDIANTOWN RD. and US HWY 1 in JUPITER.

Our methodology incorporates all Taekwondo techniques as well as elements of Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, and Karate. With over 50 years of training, competing, and teaching, Grandmaster Milman has developed a true comprehensive martial arts training and self-defense program that totally applies to our daily lives and culture here in northern Palm Beach County.

The program is open to all ages 12 and above with or without experience. We do not believe in contracts, meaning there are no long-term financial commitments.

Adult Self Defense

Based on the core values of enlightenment, self-understanding, and self-realization, we train adults to defend themselves, both physically and mentally, for situations that may be expected or unexpected.

headlock defense

Our methodology focuses on what really works for the average man or woman in a street situation where the rules are determined by that particular situation. In the "street", there are basically no rules. We teach many techniques that are illegal in sport competition, but would be extremely effective in a street situation. A well placed strike to the throat or groin is illegal in the ring or cage, but certainly might get a young lady out of a jam in the street. Any technique has to be performed correctly, or it may not work. A strong well placed front kick, sidekick or roundhouse kick works well in the ring and also in the street. A punch, backfist, elbow strike are all strong defenses when used correctly. There are times when a Ju Jitsu technique, or a Karate sweep might be applicable. Different situations may require different responses. A strong defensive blocking system must also be developed as one of the pillars of any martial art. Needless to say, there are many aspects to the martial arts.

Many self defense situations are an instant judgement call and decisions have to be made very fast on what course to take. When training in the Martial Arts, a student will learn to react appropriately with a fast, effective response. Many situations can be defused by using good judgement, and sound decision making. And there are also events where it has been found that even the simplest and easiest of techniques will be extremely effective when taught properly and practiced correctly. Our self defense training methods used in class will translate directly to a street self defense situation.

Brandon Roundhouse

Combined Classes

We now offer classes combining children and parents so that both can progress at the same rate if desired. Training together strengthens bonding and provides a great opportunity to grasp the true essence of this 2000-year-old martial art.

Children Are Awesome

The children's program has produced a countless number of success stories over the 20 plus years that we have been teaching in the public school aftercare system here in Palm Beach County. We teach on school campuses up to the 5th grade. After fifth grade, students attend the classes at the Main School in Jupiter. The students seen in the adjacent Video began training in grade school.

TKD After School 

We have been a proud major contributor to the PBC schools after-school vendor lease program since 2001.

Children come directly to TKD class at dismissal. Aftercare students check in to aftercare and then come directly to TKD class. Students will be walked out to pick-up area at the end of class. Aftercare students are returned to aftercare. Coordinated through SACC, our elementary and intermediate weekly after-school programs are well established and an excellent after school activity. The program is easily accessible to all interested students attending the Palm Beach County School District. If your child does not attend one of the listed schools, please contact us for details on how he or she can participate.

Additional Information

Our programs at the various schools are in no way affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, hosted, funded, or supervised by the schools or the school board.

The PBC schools or the school board are in no way responsible for any actions/activities of Discovery TKD while on the premises of any of these various schools that we have leased space to teach. Also, the schools and school board takes no responsibility for supervising or monitoring Discovery TKD actions/activities while on school board premises.

After School Programs

All classes are taught on school campuses 


Beacon Cove Intermediate

Open to all 3rd thru 5th graders at Beacon Cove and any local area school students.

  • All classes taught on campus in large unused classroom.
  • No contracts or long term financial committments, tuition paid monthly.
  • Students may also attend our Main School classes if they wish at no additional cost.
  • Grandmaster Milman has been teaching all classes at Beacon Cove since 2001.
  • Parents can pick up children at 3:35 at parent pick-up. Aftercare students released back to aftercare.
  • 2023-24 Program---Every Thursday, 2:30 to 3:30- Starting Aug 24, 2023 thru May 23, 2024

Timber Trace Elementary

  • Open to all 2nd thu 5th grade students.
  • Classes taught on campus in the Music Room.
  • No contracts or long-term financial commitments. Tuition is paid by the month.
  • Grandmaster Milman teaches all classes along with a Black Belt assistant.
  • Students may also attend our Main School classes if they wish at no additional cost.
  • Parents can pick up children at 3:25 at aftercare parent pick-up outside Main Office. Aftercare students released back to aftercare.

2023-24 Program Every Wed 2:15 to 3:15...... This program will start when the construction in the cafeteria is completed. The music room where our classes are held is temporarily being used for food service and so our program is on hold. Please contact me for updates.                           Thank you, Grandmaster Milman

               Main School

Palm Beach Sports Clubs in Jupiter located in The Shoppes of  Jupiter, Indiantown Rd. and US1. The Main School class schedule can be found at the  bottom of this page.