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Preserving A Tradition Of Excellence

in Martial Arts instruction

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At Discovery Tae Kwon Do we Pride ourselves on preserving a tradition of excellence. Our website will introduce you to the depth of experience and knowledge of our highly qualified instructional staff.

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Our Purpose

Discovery Tae Kwon Do
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Our purpose is simple, give students the skills and techniques both mental and physical to enable them to reach their highest potential and be the best that they can be. Our website is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of students both past and present that have trained at Discovery TKD. We teach self defense skills that have been proven over and over to work on the street, or in school, or at the park, or on the ballfield.
We feel that basic technique done correctly is the foundation of the Art.

Grandmaster Milman

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Discovery TKD was founded  by Grandmaster Milman in 1995 as an adult program. In 2001 we began our Palm Beach County elementary school programs taught on school campuses here in Jupiter. In 2008 we expanded our Main School program to include 12 year olds and above. Grandmaster Milman started working out in the Martial Arts in 1972 and has been training, competing, and teaching ever since. The instructional staff at Discovery TKD is highly qualified and dedicated to teaching the Art of Tae Kwon Do. We feel experience is an extremely important aspect of teaching in the Martial Arts.

Meet Our Instructional Staff

New Project

Grandmaster Milman:
7th Degree Blackbelt,
49 years of Experience.

New Project (1)

Master Mike Micochero:
6th Degree Blackbelt,
41 years of Experience

New Project

Master Greg Scirrotto:
5th Degree Blackbelt,
31 years of Experience.

New Project (2)

Master Martin Hoerbinger:
4th Degree Blackbelt,
27 years of Experience

New Project

  Master Shehu:
4th Degree Blackbelt,
14 years of Experience.

New Project (3)

 Instructor Susan Wood:
3rd degree Blackbelt,
17 years Experience