Our Philosophy & Approach

At Discovery Tae Kwon Do, our martial arts philosophy is based on instilling the values of high integrity and good moral character into students dailey lives.

We believe self-defense to be the basis for all martial arts. Our goal is to empower our students with the confidence and ability to defend themselves when necessary by using strong and effective  techniques in an appropriate manor.

Commitment & Dedication

We demand high levels of commitment and dedication from all our students and believe good, strong, and effective technique comes only from many hours of practice and proper instructions. The dedication required to perfect such techniques goes a long way towards building and shaping strong character while establishing a healthy and balanced relationship between mind and  body.

The Mind-Body Relationship

The concept of mental and physical balance in martial arts is rooted in Eastern philosophies dating back 2,000 years. Hence, to evolve into a complete martial artist and grasp the true essence of the Art, you need to master both aspects equally.

Our training model is based on educating our students to defend themselves in all situations while developing a comprehensive mind-body understanding for a healthy and balanced life.

Tae Kwon Do is the Korean Art of Self Defense

Tae Kwon Do is not only an excellent form of self defense with all its vast techniques to choose from, it is also a beautiful flowing Art form. At Discovery TKD, We train to perfect this Art which is an extremely important aspect of Tae Kwon Do. 

stretch in front of mirror

Teaching Methodology

At Discovery Tae Kwon Do, we not only teach students how to defend themselves but also strive to incorporate the values of respect, honesty, perseverance, discipline, and self-confidence for an indomitable spirit.

Our public school martial arts program is designed to serve the community in a way that has not previously been made available to children in our area. Students have greatly reaped the benefits in the areas of respect for authority, academic focus, and self-confidence.

When it comes to adults, our mission is straightforward and focused. We strongly believe in a powerful self defense system as well as maintaining the Art, its history and philosophy. Tae Kwon Do is 2000 years old and the techniques have been refined over the centuries for maximum effect. Any person who puts a substantial effort in, can learn, perform, and enjoy TKD training.

Experienced Instructional Staff

Our instructional staff comprises highly qualified adult Black Belts who bring decades of bonafide martial arts instructional experience. In fact, most of our instructional staff have, or have had, children of their own in local area schools, providing a firm foundation for a good, sound martial arts program.